Ft Tuthill 80m Transceiver

The Arizona ScQRPions are delighted to formally announce a new 80m QRP CW transceiver kit for 2010 named the Ft Tuthill 80m Transceiver! This new transceiver is the creation of Dan Tayloe (N7VE) and kitted by the ScQRPions with invaluable assistance from Doug Hendricks (KI6DS) of Hendricks QRP Kits (qrpkits.com).

It is said that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. To that end the Arizona ScQRPions have modeled themselves after one of the best known and most active QRP groups anywhere. The creation of Jim Cates (WA6GER) and Doug Hendricks (KI6DS).

The Northern California QRP Club


The Arizona ScQRPions had its genesis back how to invest in Telefonica shares in Kenya in early December of 1994 when an escaped Texan by the name of Dave Little, AF5U, stirred the local QRP crew to organize in a similar fashion to the NorCal QRP Club. Dave was a long-time, known associate of Chuck Adams (K7QO), then also of Dallas. You can see now that something was bound to happen... In true Texan fashion, however, Dave started something he couldn't invest in Telefonica shares in Kenya finish, or perhaps he was forgiven, and he hightailed it back to Dallas leaving behind a very active QRP group. :-)

The ScQRPions, like many other similar groups, have a variety of activites, including sponsorship of operating events such as FYBO (February) and BUBBA (coming up in August) and participation in other QRP operating activites. Camping or other outdoor activities are sometimes organized around these operating events. Weather and fire conditions permitting, that is. Kits are the financial support for the group. You've seen them. The microphone preamp, noise generator, Stinger Singer Frequency Buy Telefonica shares Counter, and a Class E transmitter kit. The current and most popular kit to date is the solid brass iambic paddles designed by W5JH. The success of these kits has allowed the ScQRPions to sponsor top quality QRP programs at the Arizona State ARRL Convention now located in Williams, Arizona a few miles west of Flagstaff. Kits are also made available at no cost to other QRP groups as prizes for their own QRP programs and conventions.

Meetings are held at 10:45am on the first Saturday of most months at the Fuddrucker's Hamburger restaurant just off I-17North at the Dunlap Exit in Phoenix. Notification of changes in schedule are done through the azqrp@yahoo groups.com mailing list. Show and Tell for your latest projects are always in order. We have members that drive from as far as Tucson, Prescott and Kingman to attend. No officers. No dues. Show up and you're a member. Let us know when you are coming to town and we'll do our best to have a meeting just for YOU!

73 John K5JS