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Postage plans:

US/Canada = 1st class postage to US, Canada and Mexico addresses
US Priority = priority mail to US addresses only
Canada Priority = priority mail to Canadian addresses only
DX = Mail to all other countries

Original AZ Paddles US Orders ($35.00)
Original AZ Paddles Canadian Orders ($37.00))
Original AZ Paddles Global Priority Orders ($33.00)
Plus Shipping please inquire
Mini Black Widow Paddles US Orders ($42.00)
Bigfoot AZ Paddles US Orders ($38.00)
Bigfoot AZ Paddles Canadian Orders ($40.00)
Bigfoot AZ Paddles Global Priority ($36.00)
Plus Shipping please inquire
Crystal 7.030 ($2.00)
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Ordering by Mail

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Arizona ScQRPions
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